Boardmasters Radio - BPM Live
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Boardmasters Radio

About This Project

Working White Label in partnership with The FSTIVAL Club, Vision Nine and Falmouth University, the BPM Live team produced, scheduled and provided content for Boardmasters Radio 2017. With a varied range of DJ Mixes, Live Performances and Interviews, the 5 day, 12 hour long live broadcast schedule was packed with exciting content. With support from The FSTIVAL Club, blog and audio/visual content was distributed via a number of channels to reach over 3.5 million people on social media, and attract over 28,000 people to listen in.


“In August 2017, BPM Live worked with The FSTIVAL Club to activate Boardmasters FSTIVAL Radio in partnership with Falmouth University. It was a great addition to the event, and we look forward to working with BPM Live to deliver the radio at Boardmasters events in the future” Yan Li, Rights and Partnership Director, Vision Nine Group.